In-person, Virtual or Hybrid Event Services

Producing an event these days has changed quite a bit. Now, the options of choosing between an in-person, virtual, or hybrid event are more popular than ever. No matter what format you want your event to be in, there’s a lot of planning, work, and moving parts that go into making your event successful and memorable.


What to Consider When Choosing an Event Format

  • Physical location or virtual platforms available
  • Cost
  • How many attendees or site capacity
  • Technology available 
  • Atmosphere


T3 Events Group Event Management

At T3 Events Group we offer full-service event management and we’ll take care of everything for your event, no matter where your attendees are. 

In-person Event Planning: With in-person events back and better than ever, we’ll help you produce an event experience that’ll leave a long-lasting impression on your attendees. T3 Events Group will assist in researching and booking the perfect venue at the best price, hire staff to help with registration, decor, catering, transportation, and more. 


Our goal at T3 Events Group is to work together to plan a safe, thoughtful experience that will make your attendees feel welcome and excited to join.


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