Maximizing Your Event Budget: 10 Tips to Save in 2024

Darlene Lyons

  1. Choose tier 2 and 3 destinations. With the hotel industry at or above pre-COVID numbers, the most desirable destinations are expensive. Choosing a second-tier city will afford you measurable savings.

  2. Piggyback on other events. Ask your catering manager what the previous or other groups in-house are ordering and ask for special pricing if you serve the same items. It can save you as much at 15-20 percent on meal costs. The larger venues now have a meal of the day that is ten percent less to encourage the same menu across groups. In addition, in some circumstances you may even be able to use the same AV set as the group before to save BIG. ASK!

  3. Portioned food servers. If your buffet has limited portions to control your costs, consider food servers to control your portions.  

  4. Self-service check-in to reduce staff.  Using self check-in can reduce your onsite registration staff as much as 75 percent.

  5. Use an app instead of printed materials. Save printing, shipping and receiving, storage and distribution costs.

  6. Use water dispensers instead of bottled water. One option is to give your attendees reusable bottles that also double as branded swag. No waste. Big savings.

  7. Give coffee gift cards. One option is to give your guests a coffee gift card to replace the very expensive coffee by the gallon. No waste, significant savings.

  8. Book early. To get the best locations at the best rates you should book as far in advance as possible.  

  9. Use third-party planners. Hiring experts is always wise and can not only save you money but lower your liability in many cases.  

  10. Source your speakers and entertainers wisely. Using a reliable source can help your event run smoothly and provide significant savings.  

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